Ohloff reflects on 39 year career at Hall Roberts’ Son as he looks forward pursuing leisure interests with family and friends

Ohloff retires

Dean Ohloff retired last week after working at Hall Roberts’ Son since 1979. 

It was business as usual for Dean Ohloff on Friday, July 27 even though it was his last day at Hall Roberts’ Son in Postville. He was answering phone inquiries and  had mounds of paperwork he was hustling to complete before his retirement officially began at the end of Friday’s workday.  Dean began working at the longtime Postville business on November 12, 1979 and his nearly 39 year career saw him doing a variety of jobs at the 150 year old Postville business.

Having graduated from Postville high school in 1969, Dean worked a few years selling cars, first at Pladsen Motors in Waukon and later at Falb Motor Company in Postville for Wayne Schroeder before being hired at Hall Roberts’. 

He said, “When I saw that they had an opening, I applied and was able to get a sales job. My dad had always told me that he thought Hall Roberts’ would be a good place to work and I remembered that when I applied. At first I filled in for people who were on vacation and after two years I was able to get a route of my own.”

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