New Parent/Teacher group organized as the need for new playground equipment is addressed

School playground

This photo shows a portion of the playground that was originally installed in 1991 that shows signs of great deterioration.


The new equipment, the group emphasized, will be handicapped accessible and will have the needs of every child in mind.

A collaboration between parents and teachers at Cora B. Darling School has been organized to bring needed improvements to the school as well as to build a school-community relationship. 

The organization, PEPTO, which is an acronym for Postville Elementary Parent Teacher Organization, has as its goal to find ways to continually improve school facilities, school academics and community involvement.

The group had 12 people at its most recent meeting, however, the organization is open to any parent or teacher in the Postville community. Member Luke Steege said, “The more members we have the more this organization will be able to accomplish. It takes many volunteers to make any group successful. We also need any help people in our community are willing to provide. The group is currently meeting once a month on Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m We invite anyone who can to join us.”

The goals of PEPTO, the group emphasized, are simple as they work to build a bridge between the school and community. These connections will be used to make the school more responsive to the needs of the students. Schools that have strong parental involvement tend to have greater academic success. School improvements are also imminent and need attention. This group is designed to help fund raise and plan for these improvements as they arise


Playground Equipment Needed

Replacing current playground equipment is one of the major concerns the PEPTO organization hopes to address as the need is great. The current playground was installed in 1991. It is in desperate need of improvement. Many of the items are broken or missing pieces and the surface below the equipment is difficult to walk on and needs to be replaced.  

Steege explained, “The district attempted to pass a PERL vote last year to garner funds for the playground, but the vote failed. This left us with only a couple of options including giving up on the idea of giving our kids a safe, fun playground or to  get to work planning a way to alleviate the playground problem.. We have chosen to start fundraising and writing grants for the project. The PEPTO organization will play a vital role in this process.”

He went on, “The new organization will complete some fundraisers over the next few months along with beginning the grant writing process. Any funds raised will be used for the new playground surface and equipment. We need everyone’s help in this endeavor. We will continue planning and looking for volunteers throughout the year and hope many will join the group and support this huge project.”

The new equipment, the group emphasized, will be handicapped accessible and will have the needs of every child in mind. The playground will feature new platform play structures with multiple slides, climbing areas and a handicapped accessible teeter-totter. It is hoped to add new swings and monkey bars as well. The surface beneath the playground will be constructed of large rubber squares that meet all ADA requirements.

Steege concluded by saying, “When we raise the necessary funds to replace the current playground, we will need countless volunteers to help with removal of the old equipment as well as helping with the installation of the new playground. This is a long overdue project and if you would like help please join our group or donate to the project. We will be establishing accounts at both FreedomBank and Fidelity Bank & Trust for those wishing to make monetary donations. If you have question please contact the school for more information.”

Look for more information in upcoming editions of the Postville Herald.

You can also check out the Postville School's YouTube video by clicking here.