Trump carries Allamakee County

Michael Hohenbrink
Mid-America Publishing

Caucus Night Monday in Allamakee County saw area Republicans hand the win to Donald Trump.

Trump took 353 votes while Ron DeSantis was second with 82.

Nikki Haley had third with 56 votes while Vivek Ramaswamy had fourth with 24.

Allamakee County results echoed the statewide results with only Johnson County not going for Trump.

There, Nikki Haley beat Trump by a single vote, 1,271 to 1,270.

"Early results indicate that we are on track to have around 100,000 Iowans participating in the 2024 First-in-the-Nation Iowa Caucus,” said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. “Iowans braved record-low temperatures after a blizzard blanketed their state just days earlier to deliberate with members of their community about the future of our country and participate in true, grassroots democracy.”

The party did release a statement expressing frustration at a premature call by the media of the night’s results, roughly 30 minutes into the night and with roughly 300 votes out of over 100,000.

Kaufmann called that early call “highly disappoint and concerning” as it came before most voters even had a chance to take part.


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