Encouraging anyone age 65 and older to sign-up for COVID vaccine immediately

Pictured is the signage now being used by Veterans Memorial Hospital for COVID vaccine. These signs, designed and printed by LC Signs, direct patients to either the main entrance or ICN entrance of the hospital. Vaccine is typically given at both locations on the same days in an effort to keep everyone at a safe distance during the immunization clinics. (Contributed photo)

Veterans Memorial Hospital and Allamakee County Public Health are looking for anyone age 65 and older who has not yet received the COVID-19 vaccine to call their office at (563) 568-3411 and schedule an appointment.   Ask for the COVID line and they will assign a time to receive the vaccine.  

 Veterans Memorial Hospital and Allamakee County Public Health have been very busy the last two weeks vaccinating not only those 65 and older, but also all those in manufacturing and ag-related professions.  They are also now accepting anyone age 18-64 who have an underlying medical condition to go the hospital’s website and fill out the form to be placed on the waiting list for the vaccine. When vaccine is available, those on the list will be called to schedule an appointment. Specific directions will be given as to the location of the vaccination clinic, as well as an appointment time.

Please note that Veterans Memorial Hospital’s and Allamakee County Public Health’s phone numbers come up as “Unknown” on a Caller-ID system. They ask those who are waiting to be contacted regarding their COVID-19 vaccination to please answer their phones if they receive an “Unknown” telephone call. 

Directions to find the online sign-up option include the following:

1. Go to www.veteransmemorialhospital.com

2. Click on COVID-19 Vaccination Sign-Up

3. Fill in the simple form which asks for name, age, date of birth, phone number, address, and email address.

This sign up is only for the FIRST dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Anyone due for their second dose will receive a phone call 2 – 7 days prior to schedule that appointment. Do not use the on-line sign up for the second dose.

Hartig Drug and The Prescription Shoppe continue to utilize online vaccine waiting lists located at https://www.hartigdrug.com/covidvaccine and at https://www.nightingaledrug.com/coronavirus.  Gundersen Clinic will continue to contact their patients when they are able to schedule you for a vaccination appointment.

Please stay tuned to local media for additional updates on COVID-19 vaccination clinics, including local radio stations, newspaper, the Veterans Memorial Hospital Facebook page and website at www.veteransmemorialhospital.com.


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