Five day per week in-person classes going well

Sharon Drahn
Herald Editor

Positive cases of Covid-19 remain low

When students in the Postville Community School District returned to class following the winter break on January 5, they began the second semester with a new schedule in place. After having held in-person classes four days a week since school opened in August, the district went back to a more traditional schedule this month as classes are now being held in-person Monday through Friday with most Wednesdays being early out days. However, as Covid-19 continues to be a threat, other precautions, including social distancing and mask wearing, are still in place.

When reflecting on how the revised schedule is going, Superintendent of schools, Tim Dugger said, “Things have been going very well. Attendance has been very strong. It has been a typical January for absenteeism. The Covid-19 rates are very low and some days nonexistent.”

About the five day schedule he added, “This was the first full week of a five-day schedule for the entire school year as we had no weather delays or cancellations this week. The students and staff have been busy each day.”

When asked about student performances and benchmarks during this most unusual year, Dugger said, “Ultimately it is best for everyone to be at school each day. Our students are on target with their learning and we are not seeing any large discrepancies when compared to previous years. While some students may be a bit behind, others are ahead of where they might have been in a traditional year. It all seems to even out in the end.”

When Governor Kim Reynolds issued a new mandate several weeks ago, attendance limitations were lifted for high school athletic events. About the new mandate, Dugger commented, “We have had a large increase in spectators since the Governor changed the rules. It is working out well and all spectators are wearing masks.”

He added, “We have also seen a significant increase in sales at the concession stands which is encouraging as well.”

With that being said, Dugger noted that games and meets will continue to be live streamed for those who don’t feel comfortable attending in person. He said, “Live streaming will be an option going forward. This has been a nice addition for everyone.”

Faculty and staff are listed under Phase IB for Covid-19 vaccinations and will, more than likely, receive their first inoculations sometime in Frebruary.


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