Gubenatorial proclamation should ease propane shortage; Hemesath urges farmers to continue to address the government concerning the need

These liquid propane tanks are sitting on the grounds of the Farmers Union Coop in Postville. With the wet harvest, the delivery of propane has been an issue for area farmers.




A proclamation by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) Friday should help ease a propane (LP) shortage that has left Iowa farmers with difficulty obtaining the fuel to help them dry crops. 

Reynolds’ proclamation, which took effect Saturday, eases transport rules for both propane and anhydrous ammonia. It temporarily suspends rules pertaining to the movement of oversize and overweight loads of the gasses. It is in effect through Dec. 15. 

Locally, Dave Hemesath, manager of the Farmers Union Cooperative of Ossian, Postville, Fort Atkinson and Waucoma, also weighed in on the shortage. 

Hemesath reiterated the importance of getting propane up the pipeline. He said, “While it takes just two hours to get propane here from Clear Lake, it takes nine hours to get one load here from Kansas. 

 It is imperative to get the government involved so we can get the propane where it is most needed in a timely manner.” 

He went on, “By law, when there is a propane shortage, the priorities are homes and livestock. 

Hemesath encouraged farmers and concerned citizens to continue to contact their legislators urging them to make the delivery of propane a priority. He said, “Along with the governor, I would suggest contacting Senators Ernst and Grassley. At times the government moves slowly, and we don’t have time on our side.” 

Hemesath concluded by saying, “We are fortunate to have natural gas at both the Postville and Ossian Coops so we are able to dry much of the corn on site, but that does not eliminate the tremendous need for propane.” 

Read the full article in the November 20 edition of the Postville Herald.