Tornado-like storm levels shed/barn at Fish residence in Ludlow township

A large magnitude storm destroyed the barn and shed on the Bryan Fish farm north of Postville last Monday evening about 7:45. Of the six cows in the barn, five survived the trauma.

Last Monday evening, August 5, a major thunderstorm was forecast for all of Northeast Iowa. There were not, however, any tornado warnings.

Yet, at approximately 7:45 p.m.  while experiencing a heavy downpour, thunder and lightning, the Bryan Fish family farm was hit by a major windstorm.

Bryan and Erika Fish and their children, who reside in Ludlow Township, specifically at 492 Bethlehem Road, were totally taken off guard when the winds began to howl. 

Erika said, “When the wind gusts picked up, our son tried to open the patio doors to bring in the furniture cushions. It was then that we realized how strong the wind was as he couldn’t open the doors.”

“At about the same time,” she continued, “The power went out and the house was shaking. It was at the same time that our son noticed that his car was no longer in the shed and the shed had completely disappeared. A short time later the barn went down.”

Read the full article in the August 14 edition of the Postville Herald.