Swenson participates in feeding day at the Wildlife Sanctuary; feeding is not for the faint of heart

Feeding Time

This is just one of the "cats" that Sabrina helped feed while she was volunteering at the Kevin Richardson Animal Sanctuary in South Africa.

(Editor's Note: Sabrina Swenson is a 1986 graduate of Postville High School. She is the daughter of Erma Swenson and the late Marlin Swenson. A world traveler, Sabrina is sharing her experiences in South Africa. Printed below is the second of a three-part series.)

There was a dry erase whiteboard in the dining area indicating the itinerary for the day. On Wednesday it’s feeding day, it's the longest day of the week. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but every detail of the process is considered when feeding them. First off, a trip to the “fridge”. Kevin warned about the first trip to the “fridge”. It's located a short walk from the housing area. The fridge was actually two large refrigerators which housed donated meat such as cow, horse, Springbok, sheep, etc. Whenever a local farmer has an animal die, they call the sanctuary and one of the workers goes to pick up the animal, regardless of what shape it’s in. I asked why you would pick up an animal that is obviously already decaying and not good to eat. They said if they became picky and only wanted fresh meat, the farmers would be less likely to continue to call them. 

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