SunSource renewable solar energy being offered to ACEC customers as project is nearing completion

Employees of Allamakee Clayton Electric Cooperative participated in the ribbon cutting of its community solar project June, 26, 2017 at their headquarters, located about two miles north of Postville.

Allamakee Clayton Electric Cooperative (known to local residents as REC) had the ribbon cutting of its community solar project at its headquarters, located about two miles north of Postville, last Monday morning.  The ribbon cutting was the culmination of a several month long project which is now allowing its customers to utilize solar energy from its grid.

Prior to installing the panels, initial work included installing ground cover and the removal of a few trees. Once the site was readied, a contest to name the project was held among the facility’s employees.  Following the contest the winning entry was “ACEC SunSource.”

Thus, the SunSource Project was underway.

From the clearing of the land to the ‘cutting of the ribbon’ the SunSource project took over a year to complete.

As the work progressed, the panels were purchased from Ten K Solar and installed by Viking Electric of Spring Grove, Minn. 

As theSunSource project was becoming a reality, it was decided to offer them (And their energy output) to ACEC customers on a per panel basis for varying lengths of time commitments.

General Manager Paul Foxwell said, “We are offering panels in lengths of times which best meet individual customers’ needs”

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