Summer Fun during a pandemic can be challenging

(Editor’s Note: Several editors at various Mid-America Publishing newspapers shared their thoughts concerning “Summer Fun” during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are as varied as the communities we serve. They are printed here for your enjoyment.)


Planting a butterfly/hummingbird garden is a great activity; cool off with a homemade slip and slide

With many activities on hold this summer due to COVID-19, families have to be creative when enjoying outdoor time together. Although in many cases, pools may be closed, and organized baseball/softball teams have been put on hold, kids and adults alike can find plenty to do while soaking up summer sunlight.

An activity that will give the entire family joy, as well as give joy to those who pass by, is planting a flower garden. It is an activity that will keep the kids busy for weeks as they plant, weed, and watch the blooms appear. They can also deadhead the plants as the blooms wilt and die.

The plants I chose to plant with the grandkids several years ago were those that attract both butterflies and hummingbirds.

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