Speech students compete at district contest; several move on to State contest

Saturday, January 25 ten students of Postville High School’s Large Group Speech Team participated in District contest at Decorah.

Coach Derek Friederich noted that all the participants worked hard and did well at contest. Those students who received first place ratings at the district level will compete at the state contest February 8.

The TV News group of Estevan Sanchez, Khiaya Burns and Wilson Perez earned a Division II rating for their video, called “Octopus School News.”  

Also receiving a Division II rating was the Radio Broadcasting piece “The Spicy Sauce Podcast”, with Logan Shipp, Gaby Cortes, Jesus Hernandez and Violet Shipp.  

Earning Division I ratings and advancing to State contest are the Reader’s Theatre group of Logan Shipp, Gaby Cortes, Jesus Hernandez, Violet Shipp and Emily Frey, with a piece entitled “One Lane Bridge.” 

The Group Mime duo of Aleesa Lavrenko and Fatima Henriquez will also advance to State with their piece called “Left Holding the Bag.”  

The final group receiving a Division I rating and advancing to State is the Short Film “APOHS: Advanced Perfectly Ordinary Home System.”  The Short Film group is made up of Emily Frey, Fatima Henriquez and Aleesa Lavrenko.

The teams that advanced to State will perform again on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at Dubuque Senior High School.