As she transitions into retirement, Barb Schissel reflects on long career with United States Postal Service

Barb Schissel is pictured here with the service awards she received on her last day as an employee of United States Postal Service. Schissel, who lives in Postville with her husband Mike, is looking forward to more family time as she transitions into retirement.

Barb Schissel, who began working for the United States Postal Service as a young mother, retired last week after serving the public since the 1980’s.

Barb explained, “As a young mom with two little girls, I was looking for a job in Postville. I saw an advertisement in the paper announcing there was an opening for a part-time employee at the Postville Post Office and I went to Dubuque to take the Civil Service test.”

After passing the test, Barb began working a split shift.

She explained, “I was trained by Jake Lammert and Ronnie Harris. They taught me the way the mail had to be sorted and other responsibilities. I would go every day at 6:30 and stay until all the mail was sorted and in the post office boxes. I would then go home for a few hours and come back in the afternoon and work during the busy time until closing. I was scheduled to work 25 hours a week six days a week.”

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