Seniors receive scholarships, department honors at Dollars for Scholars reception

The students in the Class of 2018  received a wide variety of scholarship and awards. They are Allamakee 4-H Scholarship, Nick Jacobs; Allamakee Agriculture Society/Fair Board Scholarship, Nick Jacobs; Allamakee County EMS, Brooke Holthaus; Allamakee County Pheasantss Forever Scholarship, Travis Fish and Brooke Holthaus, Allamakee County Soil and Water Conservation Dristrict Scholarship, Blake Holthaus; A & J Petersburg Agency and Bischoff Insurance Agency Scholarship, Nick Jacobs; AMVETS Post 27 Scholarship, Carter Lansing; Arlin Falck Foundation Scholarship, Owen Jacobson; Bradely Berns Memorial Scholarship, Nick Jacobs, Owen Jacobson, Blake Wettleson; Craig Martins Scholarship, Nick Jacobs; Darwin Fritz Scholarship, Katie Moncada; Dorothy Holmes Scholarship, Tierney Bodley, Idalia Cordero, Alexis Valentine, Alissa Wenthe; FFA scholarships, Travis Fish, Owen Jacobson, Carter Lansing, Nick Jacobs, Jacob Steffans, Blake Wettleson, Tamika Cobb, Brooke Holthaus; Fidelity Bank and Trust, Brooke Holthaus; Frances Capper Scholarship, Uvaldo Camarillo; Grinnell Mutual Road to Success Scholarship, Tierney Bodley; Hall M. Roberts Community Betterment Scholarship, Travis Fish; Ida Olson/Bernice Ball Nursing Scholarship, Victoria Nelson; LeRoy C. Darby Memorial Scholarship, Nick Jacobs’ Lions Club Scholarship, Melissa Kingsbury, Felipa Lopez, Dj Marshall; Livingood Family Stem Scholarship, Carrie Turner; Nightcrawlers Forever Scholarships, Hassan Afrah, Erika Flores, Nasra Mohamed, Rebecca Weller, Blake Wettleson; Opportunity Scholarship, NICC, Brooke Holthaus; Orville J. Harnack Scholarship, Lakken Cox; Palmer Lutheran Health Center Health Occupation Scholarship, Alexis Valentine; P.E.A. Scholarship, Tierney  Bodley; P.E.O. Scholarship, Tierney Bodley, Victoria Nelson; Postville District Dollars for Scholars Edowment Scholarship, Lakken Cox; Postville District Dollars for Scholars Board of Directors Scholarship, Tamika Cobb; Richard Knutson Scholarship, Nick Jacobs; Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation Dollars for Scholars, Karim Abdi, Hassan Afrah, Uvaldo Camarillo, Lakken Cox, Erika Flores, Nick Jacobs, Victoria Nelson, Carrie Turner, Alexis Valentine, Alissa Wenthe, Blake Wettleson.

W. C. McNeil Scholarship, Jacob Steffans.

The American Citizenship Award was presented to Owen Jacobson.

The Bernie Saggau Award went to Nick Jacobs.

Nick Jacobs received the KWWL/Iowa Governor Award, Nick Jacobs.

DAR American History Award, Alissa Wenthe.

Department Awards:

Agriculture, Travis Fish; art, Idalia Cordero; athletes of the year, male, Uvaldo Camarillo and Owen Jacobson; business and technology, Travis Fish, Idalia Cordero, Rebecca Weller; career learning link, Dylan Bakke, Tierney Bodley, Uvaldo Camarillo, Tamika Cobb, Idalia Cordero, Lakken Cox, Travis Fish, Erika Flores, Lanae Hansmeier, Maynor Henriquez, Jenna Hilgerson, Brooke Holthaus, Nick Jacobs, Owen Jacobson, Melissa Kingsbury, Carter Lansing, Roberto Lopez, Dj Marshall, Nasra Mohamud, Katie Moncada, Victoria Nelson, Jacob Steffans, Alexis Valentine, Antonio Vazquez, Rebecca Weller, Alissa Wenthe, Blake Wettleson. 

Drama , Nick Jacobs, Jacob Steffans, Owen Jacobson; English, Nick Jacobs; family and consumer science, Tierney Bodley; Industrial arts, Jacob Steffans, Dj Marshall and Dylan Bakke; mathematics, Nick Jacobs; physical education, Carlos Figueroa; science, Lakken Cox, Dj Marshall; social studies, Cristian Vega; Spanish, Alissa Wenthe; Sportsmanship, Lakken Cox and Jacob Steffans.

Student Council Awards went to Nick Jacobs, Owen Jacobson, Lakken Cox, Tierney and Jacob Steffans and Student Ambassador Awards were awarded to Roberto Lopez, Dj Marshall, Idalia Cordero and Katie Moncado.