RC & D Open House held September 19; tours and ideas for improving parts of Postville presented

Members of the RC & D staff share information about things they are working on to improve Postville at their open house held last Thursday.

Ideas about the future of Postville, tours of the RC&D site, free radon and lead home tests, and information about what RC&D is working on were all a part of the Open House held at their headquarters last Thursday. 

Attendees were encouraged to enjoy a snack and conversation about the future of the community. Large displays highlighted some of the ideas being considered for future projects within Postville.

Ideas were given to those wishing to fix a radon problem within their homes during the open house as well. RC & D still has radon kits available at no charge for those who live within the Postville Community.

Tours were conducted to show the recent work that has been done at the RC & D site. The site is being transformed into a regional stormwater demonstration site. Permeable paving is set to be installed by June of 2020.

Another featured display was the Driftless Area Scenic Byway. The byway begins in Postville and it is hoped that Postville will be able to take advantage of the route to attract tourists and potential businesses.

It was emphasized that there is a lot of potential in Postville and all over Northeast Iowa. It takes much organization and work to bring the ideas to fruition. The ideas presented  at the open house provided much “food for thought.”

Those who were unable to attend the open house s are invited to visit ourpostville.com to see ideas for redevelopment of downtown sites. A mockup “flythrough” of downtown was developed for show what Postville could look like if these projects were implemented, and rough drafts of elements and site plans are also available to view.