Postville teacher making plans to open ‘Next Door’ coffee shop in renovated building on West Greene Street



RaeAnne Martin, who has been teaching English as a Second Language at Postville Community Schools for the past four years, has also undertaken another big project. 

The graduate of UNI said, “I am opening a coffee shop on Greene Street as it has been my dream. I worked at a small coffee shop in Cedar Falls and fell in love with the atmosphere. I worked most of my shifts by myself and liked managing things. Coffee is a passion of mine as I enjoy really good coffee and tea.”

She continued, “When I moved to Postville, that was what I missed most from living in a bigger town and having a place to study, read, hang out with friends or just relax with a really good cup of coffee.”

Asked about how she acquired her building, which is located on West Greene Street, she commented, “Originally, I was going to have a partner and he was going to buy the property, but unfortunately he had to back out; but, I decided to go through with the project on my own.

Having purchased the building about one year ago, it is a work in progress. 

Announcing an opening date, however, has been harder than Martin had anticipated. She lamented, “Everything has been taking much longer than I anticipated. Finding the right equipment and reasonably priced labor has been difficult. 

She concluded by saying, “I hope the public is excited about having a new business in town. I look forward to getting to know our town’s regular coffee drinkers. If anyone is interested in helping with renovations or has any equipment that might work out at ‘Next Door’ please contact me.”

Read the full article in the October 9 publication of the Postville Herald.

Photos: RaeAnne Martin has recently purchased a building on West Greene Street which she is renovating in anticipation of opening a coffee shop. In the photos (clockwise, from top) RaeAnne poses for a picture with her brother, Michael Caldwell, and her niece, Cloey Caldwell, during a break from working on building reconstruction. The outside of the building features large picture windows which will allow for much natural light. The building is located between Upper Explorerland and El Pariente. The logo for the shop to be known as ‘Next Door’ was designed by Jennifer Olsen. The photo on the lower left shows the interior of the building as a work in progress.