Postville Pirate Booster Club changing its scrimmage/player auction fundraising night

The Postville Pirate Athletic Booster Club is announcing some major changes to its scrimmage/player auction night. First and foremost, there will not be a football scrimmage the week before the first regular season game.

Booster Club vice president Janell Meyer explained, “This change is mainly happening because the Pirates will be in Guttenberg scrimmaging the Clayton Ridge football team. When Clayton Ridge came to Postville last fall to scrimmage, we agreed to travel to their field for a scrimmage the following year.”

Although there will not be a football scrimmage, there will be a volleyball scrimmage on Thursday, August 22. During the scrimmage the cross country coach, Brad Rose, and the new football coach, Kevin Johnson, will speak and recognize their players.

While they are not having a player auction, the Club is promoting memberships with various support levels. Those  levels are available through a cut-out ad which will be available in an upcoming issue of the newspaper, at local banks, the Postville Public Library and the Postville Wellness and Recreation Center. Businesses have also received letters explaining the membership drive.

Anyone who makes a donation on or before September 1, at any level, will get their name listed in the sports program for the year. Those who donate after the deadline will have their names added before the winter sports season programs are printed.

As part of the kick-off night on August 22, the Booster Club will be serving a meal with all business owners and community members invited to attend.

Anyone having questions about the Booster Club or this fundraising membership drive, should contact any member of the Club. Current officers are Christina Bacon, president; Janell Meyer, vice president; Vicki Schutte, secretary and Ross Malcom, treasurer.