Postville households eligible for free lead paint and radon test kits

Northeast Iowa Resource Conservation and Development has been awarded a federal grant to conduct outreach and education about lead paint and radon hazards. As a part of this project, lead paint and radon test kits will be available for households with a Postville zip code. These kits will be available with both written and one-on-one translation services to assist non-English speakers with testing and interpretation of test results. RC&D hopes to help up to 800 households in the city test their homes for lead paint or radon within the next two years. Remediation strategies will be discussed with householders who see positive results. Donations to help low-income families with remediation can be sent to Northeast Iowa RC&D at 101 East Greene Street in Postville, Iowa 52162. 

Test kits for both lead paint and radon will be provided at no cost and will be available for pick-up and drop-off at the Northeast Iowa RC&D office. Residents living in single-family homes in the 52162 ZIP code are eligible to receive the testing kits. RC&D staff estimate that the kits will be available to households beginning in early 2019. A mailing will be sent out to households by the end of 2018 announcing the program and eligibility.

Community members are encouraged to contact the Northeast Iowa RC&D office at 101 E. Greene St. in Postville or call (563) 864-7112 for more information. 

Read the full article in the October 24 edition of the Postville Herald.