Postville City Council adopts resolution to designate Jewish school as school zone

The Postville City Council began the January 13 monthly meeting by reappointing Darcy Radloff as City Clerk and Ashley Kisling, of Fidelity Bank & Trust, as City Treasurer. Mayor Leigh Rekow administered the oath of office to both women.

Rashi Raices, who is a teacher/administrator at the private Jewish School, asked the City to designate the school and its surroundings as a school zone. The school, which is located at the site of the former Postville hospital, would allow the site to have school crossing designations and lower speed limits. It was determined that the designation would benefit all children who walk to and from school in the area. The council adopted a resolution designating Torah Education, 415 Oak Drive as a school zone and approved the designation of crosswalks.

Read the full article in the January 22, edition of the Postville Herald.