Plans underway for RAGBRAI; t-shirts available June 15

Pictured above is the logo for the Postville RAGBRAI T-shirts which are available in three different colors. 

RAGBRAI is coming to Postville soon. In honor of the event coming through Postville, and to promote our community and the bike ride, T-shirts are being sold. “Hometown to the World” is the theme for the Postville RAGBRAI T-shirts. Three colors are available to choose from.

They will be available June 15 at 2nd Best Resale which is located on the corner of Lawler and Tilden Streets. They will also be available during the Hometown Celebration parade (June 16) and at the fairgrounds the weekend of the Big Four Fair. Shirts may also be purchased at St. Paul Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall during the Postville High School Alumni Banquet June 17.

RAGBRAI riders will be coming through Postville on July 28 and Postville is anxious to welcome all of the visitors. Children are invited to meet at 2nd Best Resale, Friday, July 28 between 7:30 and 8 a.m. Each child will be able to help decorate with a message or drawing with sidewalk chalk to welcome the RAGBRAI riders that day.

Individuals or groups wishing to help decorate windows on Lawler (Main Street) should contact City Hall by calling (563) 864-7454.

Read more about RAGBRAI in the June 14 edition of the Postville Herald.