PERL levy to come before the voters of the Postville Community School District February 6

A special election for residents of the Postville Community School District will be held Tuesday, February 6 from noon until 8 p.m. at Turner Hall. The only question on the ballot for voters to consider is whether or not to approve the Public Education and Recreation Levy (PERL).

To further explain the levy and what the funding may or may not be used for the following information is helpful:

Revenues from the PERL are to be used to establish and maintain public recreation places in public school buildings and on the grounds of the district. The funds may also be used for educational and recreational activities within the district.

If approved, the PERL will generate close to $25,000 per year which will be used for new playground equipment, before and after school programming, summer school programming and adult education programs.

It should be noted that the passage of the PERL levy is not expected to result in any property tax increase.  The PERL needs a simple majority to pass. 

If passed, the funding will begin in the fall of 2018 and the funds may provide equipment and programs for years to come.

The Postville Community School District has had increasing enrollment for the past six years and the playground needs to be safe and large enough  to accommodate a growing number of students. PERL monies would provide funding for a safe playground environment. The PERL would also provide funding to enhance the before and after school programs as well as to promote adult education through the Northeast Iowa YMCA.