Perl family raise bees, harvests honey and also produces natural products from bee’s wax

Isaac and Hava Perl, who live on W. Williams Street in Postville, have turned their hobby of raising bees into a very interesting and lucrative business. Mr. Perl said, “When I became interested in raising bees, a wonderful man, Bob Fassbinder of Elgin, taught me about the raising and caring for bees. Mr. Fassbinder has been raising bees for over 40 years and I was very fortunate to get his advice and learn hands-on with him. To learn more about the Perl’s business or to purchase their products email them at or

Read the full article in the July 10 edition of the Postville Herald.


Although Isaac and Hava Perl sell most of their honey in drums, they do jar some of it which is sold locally. The honey, which is labeled Pearl’s Honey, may be purchased at Second Best Resale and the Kosher Market in downtown Postville. Both stores are located on South Lawler Street. Hava also makes many products from the bee’s wax. Pictured here is her lip balm and a candle in the shape of a hive. All her products contain only natural ingredients and she never adds any preservatives or artificial colors.