Passionate marathoner, Anthony Snitker, places first in his age group in the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run

Snitker runs through beautiful scenery while training over 50 miles each week. His runs include an average incline of 10- 13,000 feet of elevation gain a week.

Anthony Snitker, 30, formerly of McGregor, IA, and son of Peggy Radloff of McGregor and Glen Snitker of Mesa, AZ, (both graduates of Postville High School) took fi rst place honors in his age group in the San Diego 100-Mile Endurance Run on June 8, 2018. He placed 8th overall in this most grueling of endurance runs consisting of over 13,000 feet of elevation gain. With temperatures peaking in mid to high 80s during the race, 46% of the participants dropped out for various reasons. Remarkably, he fi nished the race in the 22:42:42 without sleep.

In addition to running and completing his first 100- mile race, Anthony has also qualifi ed recently for the prestigious Boston Marathon, which he will run in April 2019.

Although he found his niche in the arts, drama, and music while attending high school at MFL MarMac, Snitker developed a passion for running since graduating from college and relocating to California in 2014. A graduate from Columbia College, Chicago majoring in musical theatre, running has become a large part of what defi nes this dedicated runner.

Asked if his interest in long distance running began while in high school, he commented with a smile, “I like to tell people I ‘participated’ in cross country and track in high school. Running was always something I enjoyed but I wasn’t a particularly fast runner and I did not enjoy the meets given the pressure and anxiety I’d often put on myself. I dropped both sports by my sophomore year to focus on music and theatre, which I was heavily involved with and often confl icted with the meets. Beyond, my brief participation in interscholastic sports my intrigue and inspiration for running remained but only slightly.”

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