Our Postville advisory meeting to be held Dec. 4

An Our Postville advisory meeting will be held next Tuesday, December 4 at 5 p.m. in the RC & D Board Room. Coordinator Nathan Thompson said, “We are still planning on focusing on site-specific plans and on long-range organization and we would like as much input as possible for the best results.”

Thompson added, “We’ll share ideas on redevelopment  of specific sites, prioritize sites and ideas and get organized to move forward.”

In other news Thompson shared, “We have submitted a grant for a community-led, interactive art project in partnership with the school. This grant will allow us to partner with a major university (ISU, UofI,or UNI) to create a new art piece for the city or a new arts or cultural event.”

He added,  “We are also in the process of getting organized to start public education and distribution concerning lead paint and radon testing. We plan to start distributing these kits to Postville homes on or about February 1. We are looking for people who can translate materials in several languages as well as people who can serve on the Task Force for this project. Call our office at (563) 864-7112 for more information.”

Look for more information in upcoming additions of the Postville Herald.