Meyer visits the Catacombs of Paris and hops on bus tour while exploring France


The Sacré-Coeur, also known as the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, is at the highest point of the city and offers fantastic views of Paris.


(Editor’s Note: Stacey Meyer is a 1993 graduate of Postville High School.  She works as a manager with Marriott International.  She currently lives in Santa Barbara, Calif., but is in the process of moving to San Carlos, Calif. in the San Francisco bay area. She is the daughter of Byron and Eileen Meyer. Printed below is the first of a four part series as Meyer shares her experiences while  traveling through Paris and London.)

Many of the friends I have made are from working in the hotel industry.  Recently, one of those friends was assigned to conduct training at a few hotels in Europe.  I decided to tag along for two of the locations, Paris and London.

I was determined to see as much as possible in both cities in the four days I had in each location.  I was able to book a direct flight from L.A. to Paris with a flight time of 11 hours. 

The next morning, a group of us took a 45 minute train ride on the RER express train to see the Paris Catacombs.  

The following day, the rest of the crew had to work .  I bought a ticket to the Hop-On Hop-Off Paris bus tour.  As cheesy as it may seem, it’s the best way to see as much as possible in a city you are visiting.

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