Lucas Gibbs has purchased the Irish Shanty in Gunder as he begins his career in the established business

Lucas Gibbs, a graduate of Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School and the University of Iowa, has returned to his roots as he recently purchased the Irish Shanty in Gunder. Having taken over June 1, Lucas is looking forward to learning all aspects of the business.


No matter how you spell it, the Shanti or Shanty, as it will be known now, has been synonymous  with its famous Gunder Burger for many years. Lucas Gibbs, who purchased the well-established eatery June 1, says he intends to continue with the most popular offerings on the restaurant’s menu.

Gibbs, a graduate of the University of Iowa, who has a degree in German, has returned to his home territory to take over the restaurant he purchased June 1.

Aside from changing the i to a y in the spelling of Shanty, the restaurant will continue to be known as the Irish Shanty. He said, “I am not planning any major changes in the near future. We will continue to be a full-service, casual, comfortable restaurant. I have no intention of turning the Shanty into a steak house or any other speciality restaurant. Our cooks are very good at what they do and we will continue to provide really good basic offerings. We may add a few new salad choices but nothing major. Our reputation has been based on serving good, flavorful food and we will build on that.”

Read the full article in the June 27 edition of the Postville Herald.