Local law enforcement talks about safety in rural Iowa




How safe are rural Iowa communities? Local law enforcement indicated that northeast Iowa and surrounding locations remain safe even in light of a series of violent events in other parts of the country. However, they said it is important for the public to remain aware of their surroundings.

“I think Clayton County is a relatively safe environment,” Clayton County Sheriff Mike Tschirgi said. “Way back when you never locked your doors, neighbors helped neighbors and that still seems to be today.”

Postville Police Sergeant Ted Jacobsen said it is understandable that people are concerned, even in communities that have long been places that are considered among the safest to live in the country.

“I think in today’s society mass shootings are a concern everywhere,” he said. “The idea that nothing will happen here in Postville because we ‘live in small town Iowa’ is not realistic anymore.”

“If something doesn’t seem right, then contact the appropriate official,” Jacobsen said. 

“(The recent incidents) always cross our minds, but I don’t want to live with fear as long as people are aware of their surroundings,” Tschirgi said. “If you see something odd give us a call.”

Read the full article in the November 22 edition of the Monona Outlook or Postville Herald.