Karla Johnson celebrates 25 years of service at Fidelity Bank and Trust

Karla Johnson celebrated her 25th anniversary of employment at Fidelity Bank and Trust earlier this month as she began her tenure at the bank on November 1, 1994. A 1986 graduate of Postville High School, Karla had only had two other jobs prior to beginning at the bank. 

She said, “I began working at Iowa Turkey Products while I was still in high school and stayed there for five years. After leaving Iowa Turkey, I went to the grocery store and stayed there another five years. While working at the store, Jim Lage, who was the president of what was then Citizens State Bank, called me and offered me a job at the bank and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Karla began her banking career as the drive-up teller where she stayed for one year. She said, “Banking was very different then as everything was done by hand. All checks were hand-sorted and there were no computers. We balanced everything by hand.” 

Read the full article in the November 13 edition of the Postville Herald.