Grocery store site demolished in preparation for construction of Kwik Star

Employees of Robinson Brothers work last week to tear down the building which housed a grocery store in Postville since 1963. The site has been purchased by Kwik Trip as they plan construction in the near future.


S & S IGA Foodliner 

This photo of the S & S IGA Foodliner was found in the Herald archives. It was taken nearly 50 years ago and is displayed in a frame at the Herald office.

A grocery store has been a staple in Postville since the community’s beginnings nearly 200 years ago. At one time there were as many as five dry goods (grocery) stores situated throughout Postville. 

The last standing grocery store, Quillin’s Family Foods closed earlier this year and, by the end of this month, the building will be completely gone. 

In anticipation of building a new facility, the City of Postville issued a building permit to Kwik Trip on June 25 to demolish the building and remove the free standing sign. In its place Kwik Trip will erect a 7,298 foot building and 3,800 square foot fuel canopy. The estimated cost is $1,500,000. 

Presently, no time frame has been given for the estimated completion date and opening of the Kwik Trip at the site.

Read the full article in the August 21 edition of the Postville Herald.