Frankville Presbyterian Church 165th anniversary celebration June 10

Pictured above is the original Frankville Presbyterian Church and manse.


Frankville Community Presbyterian Church will commemorate its 165th anniversary with morning worship at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 10, followed by a potluck lunch.  All are invited to attend and share in the celebration.  (You may even wish to wear a vintage hat!)

Established in 1853, Frankville Community Presbyterian Church is the only church in Frankville and the only Presbyterian church in Winneshiek County.  The small congregation remains dedicated to its mission as a Christian family called to hear, learn, and share the Word of God by the dedication of our faith.  The church has great historical significance, and the members have been diligent in their efforts to maintain its strong foundation as a community church.

Excerpts from the church history as written by Jean Schwinefus:

“June 1853 … Around the village of Frankville all was heavy timber.  There were very few farmsteads, very few roads as we know them today.  Travel was by oxen, horses, or on foot.  There was no electricity for power or lights.  Many of the houses were heated by fireplaces, and the Civil War was soon to begin.

On June 10, 1853 at the request of a group of people from Washington Prairie, a committee composed of Reverend Porter and Reverend Mason of the Presbytery of Cedar (located in Davenport), appeared in the vicinity for the purpose of looking over the possibility of establishing a church in Frankville.

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