Fourth grade teacher, Morgan Taake and Jeidy Castillo Hernandez to celebrate first Christmas as a family

Pictured above (l to r) Jeidy and Morgan with their dogs Otis (pug), and Nakita (shepherd).


Christmas will be very special this year for Postville fourth grade teacher, Morgan Taake and the child she has lovingly brought into her home, Jeidy Castillo Hernandez. Having become a family within the last six months, this will be their first Christmas as a family. 

Jeidy, who was born in America,  spent the first nine months of her life in Postville with her family and siblings. However, life changed drastically for the Castillo Hernandez family in May of 2008 when the immigration raid occurred at the Agriprocessors meat packing plant. Following the raid, Jeidy went to Guatemala with her parents when they were deported following  the raid. 

At the time of raid Taake, who is now Jeidy’s legal guardian, was a teenager who had no idea that that fateful day in 2008 would change her life forever, albeit ten years later.

Enter Morgan Taake.  Taake, who had begun her teaching career in Postville the year before, had taught Jeidy as a fourth grade student during the 2017-18 school year. She was aware of Jeidy’s situation and potential and, after much soul-searching, she assumed the responsibility of becoming legal guardian and ‘mom’ to an eleven year old.

With the holidays just days away, Morgan said, “Bringing Jeidy into my life has been so rewarding and better than I ever imagined. The two of us have truly become a family and are looking forward to our first Christmas together.”

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