Fire Department responds to fire at Bodley Equipment and Repair

The Postville Fire Department was called to Bodley Equipment and Repair Saturday evening when an odor of smoke was detected at the site. Called in to assist were the Clermont and Castalia Fire Departments.

The Postville Fire Department was dispatched to 239 E. Military Road at approximately 7:30 p.m. Saturday evening, August 25. They were dispatched due to a report of a strong smoke odor coming from the area. 

Upon arriving at the scene, the Postville Police Department determined that smoke was coming from inside Bodley Equipment and Repair. Due to the fact that it could not immediately be determined where the smoke was coming from, and there was no visible sign of an immediate fire, mutual aid was called for as the Castalia and Clermont Fire Departments were called for assistance.

Firefighters gained entrance to the pitched roof which was found to have some burned rafters, smoldering insulation and other burned roofing materials.

Thermo-imaging cameras were used to try and pinpoint the exact areas of heat/burning.

Fire Chief Jeff Bohr explained, “Firefighters made several egresses donning SCBA gear while working the slow burning fire. Fire crews remained on the scene for three hours.”

Read the full articel in the August 29 edition of the Postville Herald.