Fire Department investigation is ongoing

Several members of the Postville Fire Department as well as some of the emergency volunteers show their support for the Fire Chief and Secretary/Treasurer last Monday, December 17 in front of Postville City Hall. Later that day, the two officers of the department resigned from the department.

As has been reported in the Postville City Council minutes the last several months, the City has had concerns over the  Postville Fire Department budget expenditures.

Monday, December 17, City officials met with Fire Chief Jeff Bohr and Secretary/Treasurer Darwin Johnson.

Following the meeting, City Attorney Anne Kruse released the following statement on behalf of the City, “The regular audit of the City finances has been in process. This is the first year that the Fire Department finances were also being audited (as part of the City audit). Irregularities in the Fire Department finances were noted by the auditor and the State Auditor’s office has been contacted in regard to an investigatory audit. The Chief and Sec/Treas confirmed the finding of the irregularity in the Fire Department finances. The City met with the Chief and Sec/Treasurer who both agreed to resign and allow the further audit of the finances to continue.”

“The City would rather not release further details pending the outcome of the audit as we do not wish to damage the reputations of long time, valuable, fire department members. We feel it would be irresponsible to release further information during the audit, but the Council was in a position where it had certain responsibilities due to the preliminary findings of the audit. At the time the audit is completed, it is the practice of the State Auditor to release the audit to the public and also make a statement as to the findings. In respect of protection of personal reputation, the City will not release further information until the audit is complete.”

Both Bohr and Johnson tendered their resignations after the meeting on Monday.

When contacted by the Herald, Bohr stated that he would rather not make a statement at this time.