Fidelity Bank & Trust, Postville, launches ‘Wear Red on Friday’ campaign

Fidelity Bank & Trust employees pose in the tee shirts they are selling in support of their co-worker Jennifer Billmeyer. All money raised from the tee shirt sales, will be used for postage to mail packages to Billmeyer while she is deployed.

Deployment ceremony

Bank employees Karla Johnson, left, and Heather Bissell, attended the deployment ceremony in September, when their fellow employee Jennifer Billmeyer, center, was deployed. Billmeyer is expected to be deployed to the Middle East later this week.

Jennifer Billmeyer, who is a graduate of Postville High School and a loan processor at Postville’s Fidelity Bank and Trust, is also a dedicated member of the National Guard. The mother of a two year old daughter, Harper, Jennifer has been involved with military service for many years. Her grandfather, John Meyer, who was a career service man, along with her father and other family members instilled in her the love of country and the desire to serve.

Called to active duty last January, Billmeyer will be deployed to the Middle East this week. 

Jennifer’s co-workers at Postville’s Fidelity Bank, wanted to do something to recognize Jennifer, and others, who have been deployed. Employees, specifically Darci Engelhardt, did internet research on ways to recognize those who are giving of themselves to serve and defend the United States. Engelhardt came across the “Wear Red on Friday” campaign and together, with the rest of the bank employees, they launched a red tee shirt program. 

Those wishing to contribute items being sent to this soldier, who has given of herself as she serves us all and spends time away from her toddler and the rest of her loved ones, can drop things off at the bank. 

The RED tee shirts, which are available at Fidelity Bank in downtown Postville, are $10 with all proceeds being  used to help defray the cost of shipping packages directly to Jennifer. Wearing the tee shirts, or any red clothing, each Friday will also honor Jennifer and all members of the military who put their personal lives on hold to help preserve the freedom we at home take for granted.

Read the full article in the November 29 edition of the Postville Herald.