Diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer at six months of age, seven year old Sophie Noel has been cancer free for three years

Pictured above (l to r) Taylor Howard from Waukon presented Sophie with one of “Taylor’s Blankets of Hope” this summer. Taylor has presented a multitude of blankets to cancer patients and other seriously ill persons throughout Northeast Iowa.

Sophie Noel, daughter of Jenna Noel and granddaughter of Pastor Lynn and Jane Noel, is a typical seven year old. She loves playing with her friends, watching her favorite shows on TV and playing with her favorite dolls. However, Sophie has been through more in her short life, than most people will be in a lifetime.

Sophie’s life and that of her family, changed forever when she was six months old. Her mom explains, “Her diagnosis came on February 14, 2012 when she wasn’t keeping her bottle down and a hard spot was starting to form on her side. While she was in for her six month checkup, the doctor, thinking she had a hernia, prescribed an ultrasound.”

The ultrasound, Jenna recalled, showed it was either a tumor or a bunch of vessels bundled up around her organs. The next day baby Sophie and her family was off to Blanks Childrens Hospital in Des Moines. Her mom said, “The next day, after a CAT scan and blood work, she was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma which is a rare form of liver cancer. Sophie’s score was way off the chart.”

While being treated at Blanks Children’s Hospital, Sophie’s treatment and prognosis were hard to assess as it was so rare. After having met with the doctors, it was determined that chemo would not cure the cancer on its own and that surgery would be necessary. 

Jenna extended her heartfelt appreciation by saying, “People have reached out to us from the beginning.
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