Davision interacts with merchants, nursing students and does therapy with severely handicapped child as part of Haitian mission

Physical therapy

Nancy Guyer Davison does physical therapy with a young boy while on the mission trip in Haiti. The child is both deaf and blind.


(Editor, Note: Nancy Guyer Davison, a 1989 graduate of Postville High School, has recently returned from a mission trip to Haiti. Nancy, who lives in Carson City, Nev. with her husband, Sean, and their daughters, Clare and Taylor, traveled to Haiti via Iowa. She, along with her uncle, Pastor Leslie White, and his wife, Rebecca, and six others spent ten days working with the Haitian people. Nancy is the daughter of Gerald and Vada Guyer of Postville. This is the third of a four part series.)

After devotions on Monday, January 29, the morning was spent in the library shelving, labeling and categorizing books.

Nancy said, “The afternoon included a walk to the local market which was eye-opening. The smell and trash all around us was horrendous. There was a family of pigs milling through the garbage directly behind the market. Flies were crawling all over open bags of rice and vegetables. Dogs were walking through bags of sea salt.”

She noted that merchants pack in and out everyday and that space is relatively respected by everyone. However, some merchants will not budge from their spots.

Also during the afternoon the group stopped by Pi Gwo Gwo Byen (Greater Good) which is a school on the shore of the Caribbean which was begun by a woman from California.

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