With the conclusion of the mission experience in Haiti, Davison shares how her heart was forever changed because of a small child

Physical therapy with Ydson

Nancy Guyer Davison, who works as a physical therapist in  Carson City, Nevada, does therapy with a young boy, Ydson, who is both blind and deaf and is unable to speak while on a mission trip to Haiti.


(Editor, Note: Nancy Guyer Davison, a 1989 graduate of Postville High School, has recently returned from a mission trip to Haiti. Nancy, who lives in Carson City, Nev. with her husband, Sean, and their daughters, Clare and Taylor, traveled to Haiti via Iowa. She, along with her uncle, Pastor Leslie White, and his wife, Rebecca, and six others spent ten days working with the Haitian people. Nancy is the daughter of Gerald and Vada Guyer of Postville. This is the fourth of a four part series.)

Wednesday, January 31, following breakfast, the group loaded into the truck to drive up to Palma Market in the mountains. Nancy said, “It took us 45-60 minutes to cover five miles due to the poor road condition. There was a one man construction crew working with a pick ax along the way. Traffic was stopped as each vehicle had to pay $1 before passing through.”

They arrived at the market and saw a “donkey parking” area, food and clothing vendors.


The following morning was spent doing central supply organization. In the early afternoon Nancy worked with the Haitian nursing students about proper techniques for transferring patients from sit to/from stand and supine to/from sit.

At 3:30 she had PT time with the child, Ydson. She said, “This little man has stolen my heart. He responds to the vibration of my voice as this sensation is hypersensitive because he cannot hear or see. My heart is full after working with him. I ask myself, ‘How could a little boy who cannot see, hear or speak fill my heart with such joy?’ I’m reminded of Genesis 1:27 “God created mankind (even Ydson) in his image, in the image of God he created them. (Ydson) male and female he created them.’”

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