Commemorative plate arrives in Postville from Ohio

Commemorative plate

This plate from 1910 arrived at the Postville City Hall by way of Mayfield, Ohio two weeks ago. The plate is an advertisement for Luhman and Sanders Store in Postville and was, more than likely, a give away at Christmas time.

A surprise package arrived at Postville City Hall late last Month. The package, which came from Mayfield Heights, Ohio, was accompanied by a short note and china calendar plate from 1910. Yes, 1910. 

The accompanying note read: 

Hello City of Postville:

This plate fell into our possession several years ago and we thought your city would like to have it.


Joanne Behnke

Owner: The UPS Store

Mayfield Heights, Ohio

If anyone has more information about the plate or is able to help us uncover the mystery of how it found its way to Ohio, (and back to Postville) we would love to follow up on its history.

Read the full article in the April 4 edition of the Postville Herald.