City Council approves purchases, renews health insurance and hires Fox as full-time police officer

Council persons Mary Engstrom, Ross Malcom and Don Miller conducted the business of the City of Postville, Monday, November 11 as Larry Moore and Mary Straate were absent.

A resolution was adopted which amended a resolution from January 2017. The resolution, between the City of Postville, and the Iowa Finance Authority, and authorizing and providing for the issuance and securing payment of $5,693,000 Subordinate Sewer Revenue Capital Loan Note Series 2017, under the provisions of the City Code of Iowa and providing for a method of payment of said notes, in order to provide for the funding of a Water Resource Restoration Project under the terms of a new series 2017 note to be issued in the principal amount of $6,114,000 and the approval of a supplemental Tax Exemption Certificate. 

Clark Mellick, Allamakee County Sheriff was present at the meeting to answer questions regarding the law enforcement frequency state-mandated changes that will be going into effect in January. 

Mellick noted that due to radio clutter, the state narrow band system will need to be replaced with a digital state system. 

Council person Mary Engstrom made a motion to approve the bid of $16,375 of Graybill Communications for three mobile radios and five portable radios. After a second by Malcom, the motion carried. 

Members of the rural fire board present at the Council meeting were Larry Lamborn, Ronnie Fox and Travis Koenig. Also present was Postville Chief Ben Heitland. Heitland gave an update on the department’s operation. 

Following a closed session, the Council hired Sierra Fox as a full-time police officer. Fox will be paid $21.62 and will serve a six month probationary period. 

Read the full article in the November 20 edition of the Postville Herald.