Christmas spirit is alive and well at Frankville’s Community Presbyterian as they adorn their church with trees, nativities and beautiful displays

This entire room was filled with trees, displays, and nativities as members of Frankville Community Presbyterian Church adorned the building for Christmas.


The Members of Frankville’s Community Presbyterian Church surely live up to their name as they are all about community love and involvement. During this season of giving they  have always invited the entire community to be a part of their Christmas joy and celebrations.

But community involvement has been ongoing for over a century and includes much more that Christmas celebrations. At one time there was also a Methodist church in Frankville, and due to steady decline in membership, the two churches combined in 1920. 

This year several members of the church, including the session members Loren Brandt, Barb Cook, Tom Froelke, Mary Froelke, Quentin Quandahl, and JoAnn Uhlenhake decided to begin the holiday celebration a few weeks early with a variety of themed trees, nativities, collections artfully displayed throughout the church proper as well as in every nook and cranny available. Those displays were showcased at an open house Sunday, December 9.

Read the full article in the December 19 edition of the Postville Herald.