Born with severe heart defects, six year old Aaliya Lopez has overcome a multitude of obstacles as she continues to fight

Pictured on the left: Aaliya Lopez, 6, is pictured here with her brother, Sean, 11, and sister, Arianna, 4.

Pictured on the right: Aaliya Lopez and her mother, Beverly Brumm are all smiles as they share Aaliya’s journey last week at the Herald.

With February being Heart Month, it is only fitting that we share the story of one little girl’s miraculous journey and the love and infectious smile she shares with her family and everyone she meets. Aaliya Lopez, the daughter of Beverly Brumm of Postville and Marvin Lopez,  has overcome a congenital heart defect and many more obstacles in her short life.

Beverly explains, “When I became pregnant with Aaliya, I requested to have my prenatal care at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. as I had previously had a pregnancy that resulted in a still birth when my first daughter Alicia died at 36 weeks, five days when a heartbeat could no longer be detected. Although we were told that the odds were less than 1% that it would happen again, I really wanted to be cared for at Mayo to be on the safe side.”

She went on, “It was a blessing that we were being cared for at Mayo as an ultrasound at 20 weeks revealed that Aaliya had a heart condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot.”

Read the full article in the February 27 edition of the Postville Herald.