Beyer places Little Free Libraries throughout Allamakee County

Many Postville residents who spend time in or around Lull’s Park have noticed a very inviting addition to the area and are already taking advantage of its contents. Right outside the swimming pool a Little Free Library has been added for readers of all ages. That Little Library was the brain child of Brady Beyer and is one of three he has placed throughout Allamakee County as he also placed one in Waukon, where he resides and another in Harpers Ferry.

As Brady commented on the placement of the Little Libraries, he said it was important to him that they were in high traffic areas. He explained, “Although I am from Waukon, my goal was to spread the libraries out around the county so more people would be able to access them. That is why I decided to place them in high-traffic, public areas. For example, if someone is out walking their dog, they would be able to easily grab a book. The libraries are placed at the front entrance of the Postville pool, the front entrance of the Waukon pool and at the Oil Springs Schoolhouse in Harpers Ferry.”

Now that the libraries are in place, the lending has begun. The rules are simple and are printed on the libraries. Brady commented, “The rules are simple. Take a book. Leave a book.  If you don’t have a book to give, don’t worry about it. Someone will surely donate multiple books to even things out. Also, don’t feel like you have to return the books you take. They’re yours to keep if you wish. Please treat the libraries with respect as they are there to benefit the community.”

As all of his Little Libraries are in now in place, Brady said, “I hope people will check out the library and choose a book they will enjoy. Reading and sharing books can be enjoyable for people of all ages.”

Read the full article in the September 11 edition of the Postville Herald.

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