Armentrout retires after a 38 year career as Postville chiropractor

Although Bill and Marilyn Armentrout spent the last 38 years in Postville, where Bill worked as a chiropractor and Marilyn was also an integral part of the business, they made many stops along the way. 

As Bill retired and closed The Postville Chiropractic Center last month, he and Marilyn reflected on their journey through the years.

Having married in 1971, the pair headed to Texas where Bill was a pilot in the Navy. They also spent three years in California before being discharged from the service.

Even though he initially thought his graduate studies would lead him into the field of optometry, Bill decided becoming a chiropractor would be a good choice. He said, “I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field and I never regretted enrolling in the Palmer School of Chiropractics .”

While Bill was in school in Davenport, the growing family lived in the tiny town of Walcott. Marilyn said, “It was a small community of less than 800 people and we absolutely loved it there. Everyone was so friendly and they had one general store that had everything you can imagine.”

Read the full article in the July 31 edition of the Postville Herald.